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 Quality System 

Dowell Bio-Tech established the advanced quality management system to ensure the product quality.

 Raw Materials Control

Excellent product quality are required to start from the first step. All the suppliers have strict assessment system, The planting and purchasing of materials are at fixed time yearly, Dowell Bio-Tech selects the large-scale planting base which is no pollution, no industry and with good air environment to ensure the stable supplying. Raw materials are inspected strictly before manufacturering to keep the ingredients, quality and heavy metals meeting with the standards of production.

Manufacturering Control 

Dowell Bio-Tech Owns professional production team, high-quality extraction equipments, clean workshop and advanced production technology; Workers have professional trainings in every step of manufacturering in order to keep production operations complying with GMP and ISO standards.

Laboratory Control

Dowell Bio-Tech cooperates with independent lab which had attained the ISO 17025 certificate. 

The lab has advanced inspection equipments like uhplc(for active components);hplc (for active components) gc-ms/gc (residue of solvents), icp-ms (heavy metal), gc/lc-ms-ms (residue of pesticide) ir and hptlc (identification for raw material), microplate-reader for elisa (for the orac) and ppsl (residue of irradiation) and microbiology test.the main standard we choose to control the quality is from the USP, EP, CP etc.

Sales Control

Dowell Bio-Tech guarantees all the supplied products comply with confirmed samples and certificate of analysis, same quality with sample and batch cargo. Professional sales team provide good products and services for you.